From the Editor

November 2019

Dear Readers

We were again delighted with the number of entries for the Children’s cover competition.  It was a difficult task in choosing the overall winner and runners up. Eventually, we decided that Emme Chan age 9 should be our cover winner with  Izzy Sherratt age 6, Jorja McLoughlin age 7, Sophia Harper age 8 and Jasper Dyer age 9 as the runners up this year.  Well done, everybody who entered and tried very hard.  Prizes will be given to you by your group leaders before Christmas and there are consolation prizes for everyone who entered.   


Diary dates are here Whats On, Local Group contact details here Local Groups. Don’t forget adult cover competition closes on December 5th.


Christmas Church services are here Local Groups.


There are quite a few social events in Hardwicke during the festive season: a quiz night at Quedgeley Village Hall and a New Year’s Eve celebration at Hardwicke  Village hall  - see Home.  For those who prefer to go out in daylight; there are two events this month   A Pre-Christmas Festival at St Nicholas Church on 7th December and a coffee morning at Quedgeley Methodist Church on 17th see here Home.


For those of you who send in regular contributions, we have set the closing dates for 2020 here Home.  Please make a note of them.   Reminders are unlikely to be given next year.  You will also find the date for the following month in each edition as well as on our website.


This is the last edition for 2019 and my last one as editor.  I joined the Hardwicke Matters team in January 2004 after being asked if I could ‘just do the Minutes of the meetings; it would only take 1/2 hour a month!!  Shortly afterwards, I took on the role of temporary editor until somebody else could take the reins.  Nobody came forward.  With no previous experience at editing, I completed the 200th edition under Sandra Ashenford’s guidance (the previous editor), and became the 7th and longest serving editor in its 30-year long history. That was over 15 years ago.  However, I feel the time is right to hand on to somebody else. I shall, of course, miss the wonderful HM team.  Though members have changed several times over the years, they have always been very supportive.  I shall also miss the monthly interaction with our regular contributors and our advertisers. Although I shall have left, please continue to send your articles etc to editor@hardwickemattes.co.uk where they will be picked up by the committee, also continue to use the boxes at the shops but please don’t send anything to my home address.


The Hardwicke Matters team would like to wish all our readers, advertisers, contributors and our wonderful band of volunteers a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year for 2020 

Pat Gilbert

Retiring Editor


A reminder to advertisers that any changes to their adverts need to be made BEFORE the 1st December for the January 2020 edition The closing date for articles in the January 2020 edition is  Saturday 6th December 2019.full set of articles only closing dates for 2020-21 is on the 'Directory' page. 

To the Editor

December 2019

Dear Editor

                                                                 THANK YOU


Thank you for publishing our Anniversary Poem and your kind words about my Poetry

Thank you to all the lovely people who wished us well on our anniversary. For all  the beautiful cards and gifts.  You all made our anniversary so special.


Many thanks

Ken and Mary Sims


December 2019

Dear Editor

I have made a visit to the churchyard today, 20th October, and was very impressed, I have to say.  The path to the Lychgate has been completely transformed.  So has the path up to the church door.  The white tracking with pea-gravel,  has made it secure.

I will not have to worry about potholes anymore.  To all who worked hard, a job well done;  a much safer access for everyone


Thank you

Mary Sims


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No resident letters for November

October 2019

Dear editor,

Whilst it was no surprise that the formation of a Hunts Grove Parish Council was confirmed in July it did make me wonder on the future implications for the Hardwicke Parish.

The stated reason for the decision is that ‘The creation of the parish better reflects the identities and interests of the community, and would provide effective and convenient local government.’

There is no doubt that the location of Hardwicke Parish makes it an attractive and ripe proposition for developers. This burden is increased by a District Council pressurised by Central Government to meet ever increasing housing targets.

Taking the current scenario forward it is not impossible to foresee the demise of Hardwicke Parish in the not too distant future.

For example should the impending application for a 1750 house development on land bordered by B4008, Pound Lane, Church Lane, Green Lane be successful; then it seems feasible that a similar situation to Hunts Grove would ensue with a further Parish council being established based on the new development.

Should this happen then Hardwicke will have lost three quarters of its land area East of the Gloucester-Sharpness canal to new Parish Councils.

It would not be inconceivable that Hardwicke becomes unsustainable as an independent Parish. To exist it might need to become a Ward of another Parish or even divided up and subsumed into other Parishes at a future Stroud District Council Community Governance Review.

Conceivable…yes; even possible; unlikely…I wouldn’t bet money against it… Just a thought…

Name and address withheld by request

September 2019

Dear editor 

I think that most residents and motorists were pleased to see that the Bristol Road between Naas Lane and Tescos was resurfaced recently. In fact I saw an article where the 30 mph road marking were blacked out after being newly applied, a waste of money. 

Who, at GCC, was responsible for the timing of this work when Wales and West Utilities had planned gas main work and have now dug multiple holes along this stretch of road digging up the new surface and in the not too distant future creating numerous new potholes? Surely a short delay to the resurfacing would have been both timely and more cost effective as these pot holes will need to be maintained. 

No one could convince me that GCC were not aware of this planned work. 


Mike King 

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No resident letters for May, June, July or August

April 2019


I’m appalled at the state some people leave the churchyard at St Nicholas Church. I visited it on 19th November to tend to my fathers grave and right next to it I was faced with this rubbish tip! I returned home, brought back bin bags and cleared away the offending mess. Today I visited and the tip had returned! If the two bins provided are full, there are three or four more by the gate which one can’t fail to miss. PLEASE USE THEM………………………………………………………………….. It is not acceptable that nearby graves are being overshadowed by other people’s rubbish. 

From a very annoyed resident 


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March 2109

Dear Editor

There have been mentions in the Parish Council meetings of late regarding speeding in Pound Lane, Church Lane and Green Lane. 

I would like to remind the Parish Council of the serious and increasing problem of speeding vehicles in Sellars Road. The lanes have a degree of traffic calming due to their narrowness and blind bends which Sellars Road does not have. Speeds of well in excess of the 30 limit are witnessed daily, particularly during the evening rush “hour”. 

Barry Wood 

Sellars Road Resident 

Feburary 2019

Dumping rubbish

Dear Editor

I live at 24 Dimore Close, Hardwicke, and some inconsiderate person intermittently dumps their household rubbish, not able to be collected by the normal refuse collection, on the grass verge outside my house.

I’d like to make it clear that, contrary to what my neighbours or anyone passing my house may think, these items being dumped are nothing to do with me. If I have household items that I need removed, I either hire a skip or pay Stroud District Council to remove the items. I always keep my household rubbish on my own property while it awaits collection.

Yesterday (13 December), a bed arrived on the grass verge outside my home. A couple of months ago, it was old carpet, shelving, etc that sat on the grass verge for over a week before I concluded that no-one was going to remove it and I contacted Stroud District Council. The Council collected it as “fly-tipping”, which, of course, is exactly what this is and if the culprit is seen, they will be prosecuted. This meant that whoever dumped their rubbish outside my house, got it taken away free of charge, whereas those who do the right thing and leave rubbish on their properties until it is collected, pay and are not anti-social. Myself and another neighbour contacted the Council again about this bed appearing on the grass verge, and Stroud District Council have, again, recorded it as fly tipping.

Can I just ask the culprit to have some consideration for everyone in Dimore Close (and particularly me whose house is directly opposite the grass verge where the dumping takes place) to keep their rubbish on their own property and pay to have it removed? Do the right thing .... please!

Jennifer Cook


Editor’s note 

In response to the letter above about fly tipping, we have received a letter from a resident in Springfield who also had problems with fly tipping.

The instalation of a security light and camera as close to the verge as possible has in there case stopped the fly tipping.